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BN Kirk specialises in the testing and monitoring of Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants, and will also make recommendations for improvements required.

  • Chemical, physical and biochemical analysis of water and waste water.
  • Interpretation and evaluation of results analysis.
  • Inspection and investigation of operating problems at existing water and / or sewage works.
  • Routine monitoring i.e. inspection, sample collection and analysis, interpretation of results and recommendations regarding treatment works operations, of water and sewage works on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually).
  • Compliance monitoring for clients who are required by the Water Act to submit results of analysis to the Department of Water Affairs on a regular basis.
  • Assistance to local authorities in the establishment of trade effluent discharge regulations and bylaws. Surveys of industrial trade effluent discharges and assistance to local authorities in the monitoring and control of these discharges.
  • Assistance with commissioning of new works on behalf of consulting engineers or other clients.
  • Environmental studies (water, rivers and effluent) for various clients to evaluate the impact or extent of pollution.
  • Monitoring and reporting of results to various clients and authorities to access Blue Drop and Green Drop certification requirements by Department of Water Affairs.
  • Monitoring of sea water for Blue Flag requirements.
  • Water and wastewater training courses (basic, intermediate and advanced).
  • Hygiene / ISO compliance audits.
  • Special Analytical Services.